Gyroscope and temperature range

Discussion in 'UDOO X86' started by Vicent Peris, Jul 8, 2016.

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    I'm Vicent from Spain, I just signed up. I already registered in the waiting list... I'm going to design a telescope controller with this board. I have two questions:

    - I would like to use the gyroscope to know the approximate position of the telescope. I would need to know the precision of the gyroscope in order to know if this is a viable option for my controller.

    - Telescopes run in the cold in winter nights. You are testing the board starting at +20ºC, but my controller will be running at sub-zero temperatures. Do you think it could be a problem? Of course, I can design a proper enclosure, but it cannot generate heat to raise the temperature inside the controller because it will disturb the telescope.

    Thanks. I'm looking forward to have it on my hands.
    Best regards,
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    Hi Vicent , welcome to the community :)

    The gyro is embedded inside the Intel Curie chip and does not appear to have a datasheet (the closest thing I could find from Intel, is a PDF factsheet, which does not contain precision information). The reference for the setGyroRange() function shows values that might give you some idea -
    If you find the embedded one is not precise enough, you can connect a different one using a I2C or SPI connection, depending on the gryro chip used.

    I don't have experience operating circuits at extreme temperatures, so unable to offer advice in that area, other than it might be worth looking into adding a separate microcontroller with Bluetooth capability, and getting it to send data to the UDOO X86.

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