Hardware development of PCI-E over M.2

Discussion in 'UDOO X86' started by ThomasOu, Dec 15, 2016.

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    It is in the middle of December now:), and it is about half month after the last update which described the trouble:eek: the team is facing. Also I saw some backers complaining about the delay:eek:. Enabling PCI-E over M.2 socket is the first Stretch Goal:D, and it sounds cool:cool:. But honestly speaking not so much practical application can ultilise it as far as I know:rolleyes:. The PCI-E 2.0 x2 over M.2 socket exists in desktop 9 series motherboard but unfortunately only few SSD devices:confused: can ultilise the PCI-E protocol. So based on those situations I would like to suggest that UDOO team should consider to give it up if you are in real stuck. Removing functions is sad:( especially after a tough:mad: development. Adding an extra mini PCI-E socket to support more peripherals or adding an extra Ethernet port is more practical;) but under this circumstance it is unlikely:oops: to change the overall layout. Although a delay is not rare for a crowdfunding but UDOO x86 is special one since it is Intel Braswell based and it is upgraded annually, which means the current processor is out of date now or at leasto_O, not the latest. I hope UDOO team can consider my suggestion carefully;).


    BTW stickers are fun:p. I use all of them.
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    Hi there @ThomasOu,
    we understand your point of view. In a few days we'll release another update on Kickstarter with more information and hopefully good news.
    For what concerns stickers, I'm sorry but there isn't going to be any.

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