[Help] Best way to install Flask?

Discussion in 'UDOO 101' started by glennlopez, Jul 30, 2014.

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    I've finished installing LAMP ang got it running. Using SSH tunnel I was able to access phpmyadmin and the index.html in www folder at work. Id like to command the gpio using python (subprocess command) and so far i think the best way to go about this is to install Flask or Django... I opted for Flask

    My question:
    - What is the best way to install Flask on Udoobuntu?

    I tried this http://tutstub.com/python-flask-framework/ step by step, opened And got nothing while phpmyadmin still works


    i tried http://conra.dk/2012/05/06/flask-uwsgi- ... buntu.html

    unfortunately i got an error after i pasted
    sudo useradd -c root  -g nginx -d /nonexistent -s /bin/false uwsgi
    saying user nginx doesnt exist :evil:

    Any help or pointers would be apreciated.

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