How to use eGalax USB touchscreen and compile kernel

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    Recently i had problems using eGalax usb touchscreen
    To be able to use it you must recompile kernel
    Heres also little tutorial how to compile kernel(can be useful, because i didnt find good information on this forum about this)

    you will need ethernet connection
    it is useful to have wicd-curses utility (install it with apt-get install wicd-curses)
    To make compiling easiet-compile inside Udoo
    CD to directory (you can choose other dir)
    # cd /usr/src
    # apt-get install git
    # apt-get install ncurses-dev aptitude

    # aptitude
    In aptitude remove packages: udoo-config u-boot-env
    and install uboot-mkimage
    (It conficts)
    Use keys:
    / and n for search
    + for install
    - for deinstall
    g for apply

    # git clone
    # cd Kernel_Unico
    # make UDOO_defconfig
    # make menuconfig

    and there you must check options:
    Device Drivers -> Input Device Support -> Touchscreens -> check all eGalax with *
    (EETI maybe also)
    (PS you can enable other drivers, for example you can change UDOO usb ethernet to usb serial Drivers->usb support->usb gadget etc and check usb_serial rather than usb_ethernet)

    now exit and compile everything
    # make -j4 uImage
    when it is done it will output something like:
    # make -j4 modules
    # make modules_install
    # make firmware_install

    now backup your old kernel and copy new
    # cp /boot/uImage /boot/uImage.bak
    #cp arch/arm/boot/uImage /boot/

    if comething goes wrong you can boot old backuped kernel:
    when bootloader starts hit Enter
    check all by
    #setenv uImage uImage.bak
    (as i remember)

    ...Hope it will be useful
    Such approach can be done with other ARM boards like Beaglebone,Olinuxino,Rapberry etc...
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    Firstly, thank you very much for your detailed description. I did recompilation of kernel in ubuntu thanks to your topic.
    How can we recompile the Android kernel sources(kernel_unico) from udoo?
    I mean not using computer. I would like to just copy kernel_unico to android filesystem, and using terminal emulator(a program can be used in Android) i would like to recompile the kernel just above your tutorial. Is it possible in android?
    If is, how can we do that?
    (Both adb or terminal emulator, i can use some commands in Android.)
    Any help greatly appreciated.
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    It's impossible this way, you'll miss packages and stuff to accomplish what you aim.

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