Linux freeze when opening a web browser

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    I have a big issue for a long time now (not so much time to investigate before).

    I'm a kickstarter backer for the Udoo x86 Ultra and I installed Ubuntu at first on the M2 SSD.
    Everything was working fine for a long time.

    I upgraded the linux as I upgrade any other linux computer I use.

    One day and I don't remember when exactly every time I open a web browser (firefox or chromium) everything freeze.
    I decided to install the lastest version of debian then and I have exactly the same issue.

    To try to understand what is happening I connected through ssh to the udoo and executed tail -f /var/log/syslog and got the trace in attachment.
    We can see in it that there is a corruption or something I don't understand.

    Do you have any where the problem can come from ?
    Should I report the bug to someont else ?

    Thanks in advance for your help !!


    PS : I had to cut the file in attachment otherwise I can't upload it in the post.

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