ME Cleaner on UDOO X86 Ultra

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    Curious if anyone has tried it and had any success using ME cleaner on the UEFI for the UDOO x86.

    I saw on the me_cleaner git that it says it works for Braswell SOCs, but don't really want to brick my device.

    I have an SPI device w/ SOIC clip to re-flash the bios if I bricked it but noticed in the schematics that it looks like the chip for the UEFI looks like it is a quad-IO chip and my bus pirate is for 1x In 1x out.

    Is it possible to reflash the UEFI using bus pirate, flashrom + SOIC clip on the udoo x86? I could do some experimenting trying to pull the UEFI off the chip with the bus pirate setup but just want to see if anyone has experience with the quad IO pins on the chip used in the udoo x86 before wasting a bunch of time or if there is another way to flash the UEFI without a clip + SPI device in the event of a bad flash/bricked UEFI.

    One last request would be what is used at the factory to flash the UEFI? Do you use some type of quad-IO device once the board is made to load the UEFI onto the chip? Is it possible such setup could be made available for those of us that want to play with the UEFI and be able to recover our device in the event of a bad flash?
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