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    Dec 29, 2014
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    I own a quad core UDOO running debian wheezy - my setup:
    Since I am not using any graphic intensive processes I would like to change the memory allocation.
    Right now I have 874MB of usable RAM so it looks that the integrated graphics has got the remaining 100MB+
    How do I reclaim that for the OS to use?
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    Jun 14, 2013
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    Hi alfwro13,

    to change the memory layout you need to change the U-Boot environment variables, setting a lower value to the gpu_memory option (default is 128M).

    If you aren't comfortable with connecting UDOO in serial with an external pc and modify the U-Boot variables manually I suggest you to download the attached file, extract in udoo debian system and install the .deb file with command:
    sudo dpkg -i udoo-config_2.1_all.deb

    this install our official UDOO Configuration Tool.

    Open the tool and navigate to the U-Boot section.
    Select "Reset U-Boot Environment"
    and after "Change RAM memory layout"
    to select the value you need.

    Once finished the procedure reboot the system and check the amount of RAM memory you have.

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