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    I am trying to customize a device tree, I see in device tree of my actual kernel 3.14.58 that you have reserved 8MB for M4. Howerver it is starting in 0x84000000 and DDR memory map address starts in 0x80000000 which mean there is something in between 0x80000000 - 0x84000000 (64 MB). Could you explain which is intended this space and if there is more memory partitioning?

    Another doubt is related to udooneo-m4loader, when I use to load a ddram linked project it will place in memory map address 0x9ff00000, which does not not make sense related to device tree memory reservation. I know that i need to modify the linker file in order to place in the correct address memory, however my doubt is related that this is loaded and running without apparently arbitration but terminal show me an error. In addition I can not debug (using JTAG with jlink edu) when the firmware is loaded in DDRAM, but I can when it is loaded to OCRAM or TCM.

    I will be deeply helpful if you can solve my question or f you can give me hints related to theses.
    PD: Sorry for my terrible English :p
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