Midi to 16-channel CV & 16-channel Gate

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    I wanna built a device that will receive midi from serial and USBmidi.
    The device will be used to trigger a Roland TR-808 Drum Machine.

    To trigger a voice on TR-808 you need to drive 2 different voltage signals:

    1) Trigger signal ( Gate ) : this should be a +5v with 1ms width signal.
    The device i will use to do this is a daisy-chain of 2 74HC595 chips that will give me 16 digital outputs.

    2) Velocity Signal ( CV ) : This should be a a signal with 1ms width and voltage beetwen +5v.....+15v.
    The signal defines how much hard you hit a drum instrument in real drums.
    In midi velocity is defined beetwen 0 min and 127 max value.
    So for 0 Velocity i need +5v ( below +5v there is no sound ) and for 127 Velocity i need +15v.
    The hardware i need to use to make this possible is only a DAC. ( no pwm and other low cost modules can used on this. )
    The DAC i am planning to use is the AD 5360 from analog devices. It is a 16-channel,16-bit Voltage output DAC.

    Each instrument accept those 2 signal simultaneously.

    Any help on progamming this?? I am good on schematics and hardware design but i am not good on programming so i need help!!

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