My Bolt won’t boot

Discussion in 'UDOO BOLT' started by ctday, Nov 25, 2019.

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    I’m using the power supply from the store and 32GB of Corsair Vengence DDR4 memory and nothing else. When I apply power and push the power button, the power LED turns green for a few seconds, then flashes orange very briefly before returning to green. As this cycle goes on, the fan eventually wakes up and spins for a while, but I think that is just because the cpu chip is slowly warming up. My installation medium is a microSD card in a standard USB card reader. The reader has a blue LED to indicate power applied and access. This never even blinks. I would normally attribute this behavior to a weak power supply, but it is the one you sell, and a 90W version behaves the same way. The only idea I have left is that the supplies only reach a very marginal voltage with a USA 120V AC feed, and even that dips too much under load. I don’t really believe that, but I can’t think of anything else besides the Bolt is broken. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    Ciao Ctday,
    try unplugging the USB card reader and any other media connected to the board.
    Then please turn on the board and press ESC continuously to access the BIOS. Please let us know if you're able to reach the BIOS.

    If that doesn't work try detaching one RAM module and see if it works. Try detaching the other one next. Also, try changing monitor/monitor cable if possible.

    If after all of this nothing works please open a ticket at linking this forum post.

    I'm here if you need anything


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