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    Just wanted to give my experience on a few things, largely passing along some info it took me some time to acquire or figure out in hopes that it helps future people.

    I purchased the following from Udoo:

    KIT M.2 WIFI/BT (Intel® AC3168)

    Originally I was going to get my M.2 SSD from Udoo as well, but after a rabbit hole of research and reading up on M.2 standards and narrowly avoiding buying a NVMe card that wouldn't have worked, I stumbled onto an alternative source for the SSD, which brings me to Item 1.

    Item 1: There's a newer, cheaper and marginally faster SSD and it's working for me
    I found TS256GMTS430S after all that digging and it's available on amazon for ~$51, a whole $100 cheaper than the MTS600 256GB available directly from Udoo. It's the correct key type (not NVMe, no cutting needed). It's also 3D NAND vs the MTS600's MLC NAND...3D is purportedly better, and certainly newer.

    It's also shorter, which is why the M.2 screw kit was well worth the $2. I needed the extra small spacer to make it secure with the wifi card. Like so:


    Item 2: Wifi/BT antennas
    It's kind of mentioned in passing in the docs but it's emphatically true in practice: keeping the antennas inside the case makes the wifi practically useless. The signal is just terrible. There's also no real guide on what to do with the antennas instead? They have adhesives, but where are they supposed to stick, because sticking them inside just complicates an already unusable configuration, and sticking them outside is ugly. My antennas had to dangle outside the case via the SATA opening until I got my other antennas in the mail.

    Item 2B: After market wifi antennas
    I ordered some actual antennas off amazon, as mentioned in the docs, but this too has some pitfalls. The docs mention needing a "IPEX MFH-4(W.FL) to RP-SMA" antenna but nothing else on the internet seems to use that kind of phrasing, so my first attempt failed, which honestly is my fault. My searching led me to something like 2 x 8dBi WiFi RP-SMA Male Antenna 2.4GHz 5.8GHz Dual Band +2 x 15CM U.FL/IPEX to RP-SMA and that has a lot of the right words, and looked good in the pic, but the U.FL part is no good. It didn't fit and I had to return it. Better to search for "IPEX4" or "IPEX MHF4". I ordered this and it worked, but note that "W.FL" is no where on that page, and not really anywhere on the internet either.

    Item 3: MicroSD
    Minor, but with the board in the metal case the microSD slot isn't usable as a removable drive. It's too deep and you cannot pop it in and out without a small screwdriver or the like. I don't intend to use it this way so I'm not too worried about it, but I did flash my OS to an SD I had handy and then had to find a screwdriver for the install :).

    Item 4: The fan
    It wasn't apparent to me up front, but the fan does not fit inside the case like I assumed. The fan is designed to sit on top the heatsink, which already extends from the case. This is workable, just not very pleasing to my eye at least. I'm going to do some more research and fiddling and see if I can remove the heatsink, replacing it with a streamlined fan solution.

    Really, no complaints aside from maybe the microSD usability. I LOVE this little board and it's performing like a champ. I installed Pop!_OS and that's amazing as well.

    Thanks Udoo!
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