Noise countermeasures for UDOO BOLT V8 (with case)

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    Noise countermeasures for UDOO BOLT V8 (with case)
    After a long time, I got UDOO BOLT V8. However, the noise of the cooling fan is large. This noise countermeasure was implemented. Since it was done without specialized equipment such as a thermostatic bath, I can't say clearly whether it will be relied on.

    1. Changing the cooling fan upside down
    The developer seems to have designed the cooling fan as a CPU cooling fan. However, the distance between the top of the case and the fan is too close. When used as a CPU cooler, turbulence occurs in the case. It exhausts from the slit on the side of the case. Heat will be trapped in the case. Turn the cooling fan upside down and use it as a case fan from the CPU fan. Noise is lower than expected, but the cooling fan keeps running. The air volume is not very good. The system is relatively stable, but noise is a concern.

    2. Use case as heat sink without cooling fan
    2-1. Thermal coupling between base and case
    Directly connect the base and the case directly. Specifically, heat dissipation rubber is sandwiched between the back of the CPU mounting on the bottom of the board and the case. When touched from outside the case, the heat-dissipating rubber part and its surroundings become hot, but heat is not transmitted to the entire case. The system stops when the heat dissipating part gets hot. Silent but not usable for a long time.
    2-2. Addition of heat dissipation sheet
    Attach a heat dissipation sheet (100mm * 100mm * 1mm) to the outside of the case. Heat is transmitted almost evenly throughout the case. Although it can be used for a longer time than before, the system will still stop.
    The case seems not enough to dissipate heat.

    3. Cooling by external large cooling fan
    I know it's not a refreshing solution. Use AC Infinity MULTIFAN S7 ( There are two 120mm fans. Place the case on top of one fan, and place the other fan on the case. The case is at room temperature. Very stable. There is almost no noise. However, I do n’t think it ’s aesthetically pleasing. In addition, since the heat-dissipating rubber and the sheet remain as they are, the effect of this external cooling fan cannot be accurately understood.
    A large cooling fan with a USB connection alone is expected to be effective.

    Future tasks;
    Although the current situation is sufficient, I would like to experiment with replacement and modification of the built-in cooling fan and cooling with an external heat sink.
    However, the power button and LED at the top of the case are in the way to remodel. In the next case, I want you to move them to the front of the case.
    (Use google translation, no confidence in English)
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    found below on ebay... could be a better fit size wise... and you only need one...
    original fan from udoo died after only a few hours, was quiet enuff, and worked well until it died, but did NOT have ball bearings, although still brushless (bldc)...
    for myself, i REQUIRE ball bearing fans as a minimum, because i've seen just too many failures of cheaply built fans... saving a few bucks on a fan to protect $2000 box just does not make sense to me...

    MULTIFAN S1, Quiet 80mm USB Cooling Fan for Receiver DVR Computer XBOX Cabinets

    AC Infinity | Speed Controller with Power Switch
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    US $10.99

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