Not able to re-enable wi-fi and strange ethernet behaviour

Discussion in 'UDOO QUAD' started by audiogio99, Dec 12, 2020.

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    I was working on my UDOO after installing official UDOObuntu, to be used as a micro webserver. Everything was ok, but just before making the UDOO accessible from the web on I had the very bad idea of disabling wi-fi from the icon in lower right corner of the graphical interface.
    Now I need to reenable it, but
    • the enable wi-fi button is greyed out.
    • in Web Control Panel, no wireless network shows up: upload_2020-12-12_16-49-58.png
    • I have spent quite some time googling around, but I was not able to find any command line solution
    How can I switch wifi on again?

    The reason fore reenabling wifi is that I need to debug a strange ethernet behaviour. I made all tests in a 100Mb network, and everythings worked fine. Now I need to move the UDOO on a gigabit LAN (the router is a TIM HUB), but apparently it is not able to connect, not even when it is phisically connected through a 100Mb switch.
    Any hint?

    Thank you in advance

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