[Official] Volumio, Audiophile Music Player for UDOO!

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    Dear Udooers!
    We are really happy to annouce that Volumio has been released for Udoo!

    To quote:

    Volumio is an Audiophile Music Player, specifically designed to turn Udoo into an headless music player. Just flash Volumio on SD and in ten minutes you’ll be listening to your favourite tunes, with Audiophile Quality!. Volumio is designed to be controlled via your Smartphone, Tablet or PC thanks to its handy WebUi. No install required, just point your browser to http://volumio.local and enjoy the comfort of controlling it while sitting on your sofa.

    Volumio is designed to be easy. Comes ready to play, no complicated configurations or headaches.
    Volumio’s erghonomy is tailored to deliver the most natural experience. Just use the device you want, it will be as natural as reading your favorite book.

    Since all music deserved to be listened, even lossy files, Volumio is compatible with most Music Formats. FLAC, MP3, ALAC, AAC, FLAC are just few examples. And is this isn’t enough you also got WebRadio support.
    Last but not least, Volumio is also a Airplay receiver, allowing you to stream your tunes from your Phone, PC or Tablet.

    Thanks to the shiny and brand new Sound@home Android App, Volumio can stream its subtle airwaves to multiple Volumio powered Udoos. Isn't this amazing? Just place as much Volumio powered Udoo's in your home, office or party and get them to play your music simultaneously!


    * Ready to play: flash it and you’re ready
    * Audiophile Quality: bit perfect playback
    * FLAC, WAV, MP3, AAC, ALAC, PLS support
    * Music libraries on Samba, NFS and USB drives
    * Webradios support out of the box
    * Control it via integrated Webui with PC, Smartphone, Tablet
    * Airplay capability
    * Ramplay Support
    * DSD Native Playback
    * Multiroom Playback via Android App
    * Output playback device Selection
    * Audio out via HDMI, USB, Analog Jack, S/PDIF, I2S
    * Compatible with all UAC2 compliant USB DACs
    * Wireless Network configuration
    * Various resampling options, up to 32bit/384khrtz

    You can find Volumio for Udoo @ http://volumio.org

    Thanks to our fellow community member mikelangeloz who brought this to Udoo!

    Currently this seems to be available only for Quad Models, but seems that Dual Version is coming soon as well!

    Source: http://www.udoo.org/volumio-audiophile- ... -for-udoo/
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    i have a question regarding Volumio, i want to play sound from android app to udoo via a Volumio ? how can i do that? :(
    your help will be appreciated :)
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    Still running it - custom built using Udoo Quad - 5TB WD passport USB - Scarlett Solo DAC - 15" LVDS - Alto Professional Studio Speakers. Just need to build a good looking jukebox enclosure.

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    Great idea man thanks keep it up all the time. am very happy to see your standard.

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