Problem: no /dev/serial/by-id

Discussion in 'Linux Ubuntu' started by Carlon180, Jun 6, 2024.

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    Jun 4, 2024
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    This problem affects my UdooQuad, using on a 3d printer with a RADDS (a shield to build a 3d printer): typing "ls /dev/serial/by-id", OdooUbuntu 18.04 write me a "no such file or directory" error... It is like this directory - but also "/dev/serial/by-path - is not generated and populated.
    This information is crucial for Klipper (I need to know how is nominated Arduino Due USB port, that is the MCU of my printer).
    I know it is a problem typical of Debian, but all the solutions I found don`t work! Thanks for any help

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