Program optimisation on UDOO-Quad

Discussion in 'General Programming Discussion' started by spiritninja, Feb 12, 2018.

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    Feb 1, 2018
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    I was optimising a code which ran normally at around 64 seconds on plain run and around 57 seconds after optimisation. This i did a few times.
    But lately, the same run of the program is taking around 140 seconds all of a sudden.
    Although once or twice it did go back giving 57 seconds, now it remains at the other state, showing 140.
    i'm pretty sure its not a code related problem, because i tested it on other systems. So it must be something related to the board.
    Also, the board is heating up a lot and crashes.

    i'm not sure if overheating of the board is the primary cause for its slow run.

    I'd be thankful for any advises or help with regard to the above matter.
    Besides, how do i reduce heating issues of the board on prolonged run.

    Thank you.
  2. waltervl

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    Dec 12, 2015
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    What OS are you running? Did you check if other processes than your code are taking up CPU time?
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    Jan 7, 2022
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    website and their products and jumped straight into the forums, this does not show a good image as a business. Read first and when you cannot find what you're looking for then ask, as many of your questions are literally answered in the udoo product page for downloading pdf files.

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