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    I answer @Mr Shackle in a different thread as I cannot make a reply due to alle links in the text ( I think)

    There is no Python GPIO library for the Udoo X86 yet. You can adapt the NeoGPIO library for the X86, that should not be a hard job of you know Python and GPIO.

    Be aware that the Braswell GPIO is only 1.8V complient instead of the RPi 3.3V. So you can damage your Udoo if you put more than 1.8V on the GPIO. You need a level shifter, see the documentation.

    It depends on your application but if you also can use the Arduino 101 side of the Udoo X*^that is made for reading sensors and using the input to control external devices (motors, servo's, led's etc)
    The Arduino 101 side is 3.3V and 5V compliant (for input) sou it is a lot safer in using.

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