Questions from udoo quad about LVDS setup on A62

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    [edited w/answers] Hi, Anyone successfully moved from udoo quad to this board using LVDS touch screen? Our company is moving from the UDOO Quad and we are evaluating the A62 quad due to its industrial build quality and long-term support. The UDOO has been awesome to work with, we just use the prebuilt udoobuntu2 images which are good enough for our purposes. However I am running into some blocks with beginner questions now moving to the A62:
    1. We are using a 10" touch display that came from SECO. How to tell if this is supported in the SECO or udoobuntu2 BSPs? The prebuilt image flashed to eMMC by SECO supports the display and touch interface. However using the udoobuntu bsp and seco bsp flashed onto SD card do not turn the screen on. I believe I need to set the boot args (still waiting on serial debug cable kit to get here). On the eMMC (w/screen on) this is the contents of /proc/cmdline:

      console=ttymxc1,115200 mem=1024M video=mxcfb0:dev=1db,LDB-1280P60,if=RGB24,bpp=32 root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rootwait rw

      so if I understand I pass these to uboot ? Is there a way to see what the default args are in the udoobuntu bsp ?

    2. Seco provides a seco_config script. Where/how is this supposed to be run?

    3. I can mount the factory flashed emmc partition onto /media/boot and see the dtb file. Can I use this file with either bsp (Seco or udoo) or is it compiled specifically for the flashed kernel.
    Ideally I can get the udoobuntu2 desktop on this board and screen. Just need some basic pointers or hints on how to work with the display. Thanks.

    [edit] Here are some answers so far:
    1. More info on display clause:
    2. seco_config script is build into their bootloader they provide as part of the seco BSPs. Need serial console to stop uboot and then run this from there.
    3. Not sure but doesn't look like there is a need to do this. Can pass bootargs on boot up. Display just needs to be in the device tree with the right name.
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