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    It took me reviewing several documents to gather information on my UDOO x86 (mine is Advanced Plus.)
    I think the info may also be useful for some of you.

    On Intel Braswell side:
    CPU: N3160 4-core 2MB cache TDP: 6W and SDP: 4W.
    UEFI/BIOS 8MB SPI flash
    1.8V I/O on outer edge of these CN12-CN15 connectors: GPIO, SDIO, LPC, I2C_1 (touch screen), I2C_2, UART1, and UART2
    NGFF M.2 socket 2 "Key B": either mSATA or PCIe up to x2 <- 2260 (2280 will poke out 2 cm)
    <---- VERY important: NVMe (which is M-key only) in this Key-B slot is not supported
    NGFF M.2 socket 1 "Key E": USB2.0 + PCIe x1 (mainly for WiFi/BT card)
    eMMC (mine is 32,000,000,000 Bytes, which is approx 29.7GB) SanDisk DF4032 (which is also used in Intel Compute Stick - Z8300 flavor)

    On Arduino 101 side:
    Intel Curie module (runs at 3.3V) which has
    one 32MHz Intel (x86) Quark SE C1000 processor and
    one ARC EM4 DSP/floating point processor
    both processors share 384KB flash (196KB usable for Arduino) and
    80KB SRAM (24KB usable)
    Curie also has a BLE (Nordic nRF51822) and 6-axis IMU (Bosch BMI160 accelerator + Gyro)
    Curie's JTAG connector is CN28 and
    Curie drives the "brick" connector thru I2C

    Arduino 101 also has a 25Q16 2MB SPI flash
    Arduino connectors are on inner edge of these CN12-CN15 connectors (3.3V I/O, 5V tolerant)
    It's ICSP (6-pin SPI connector) is CN16 on the bottom side.

    Arduino 101 communicates with Intel Braswell thru USB (which is using Braswell's USB #3)

    There is a STMicro's processor: STM32F100C4T6 (Cortex-M3) which performs some housekeeping tasks (fan controller, consumer IR, HDMI's CEC channel) and some button I/Os.
    CN23 is its JTAG connector (reserved.)

    Power: 12V +- 5% using 5.5x2.1mm DC jack.

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    Is CEC working?
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    Don't know. I have not played too much on the software side.

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