RAM disk in Bolt Bios?

Discussion in 'UDOO BOLT' started by itimpi, Sep 11, 2019.

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    Oct 31, 2013
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    I see there is an option in the Bolt BIOS for setting up a RAM disk - does anyone know how to go about using this? The User Manual gives no guidance and the help built into the BIOS does not help either.

    I have previously been using the DataRAM software under Windows to create a RAM disk so I was wondering if this Bios feature can take its place?
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    Hello @evaloverde and @itimpi ,

    I am also very much interested in trying and maybe using the RAM disk feature in the bios which I have never seen before. So I tried to create a raw RAM disk in bios but it didn't do it. I was wondering if one needs to give it an appropriate partition in advance so it can somewhere store its contents, like a FAT (or other special?) partition of the same size, with preset fixed block size or something like that. I read that choosing smaller block sizes leads to faster speeds, but no more speed improvement below a block size of 512 kB. And the total memory size of the RAM disk should be a multiple of this block size. So eg a RAM disk size of exactly 16 GB and a block size sweet spot of 512kB is what I tried. A decimal to hex converter delivered a decimal 16GB is a hexadecimal 3b9aca000. I didn't try providing any 16 GB partitions blindly - it's just a guess. Trying to get more information, but can't find any...
    Any hints?

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