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Discussion in 'Troubleshooting' started by zigmo, May 22, 2014.

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    Dec 3, 2013
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    Hi all,

    I'd like to know what is your average performance of the SATA HD.
    The problem is that a notice that sometimes a decrease on performance of the UDOO quad board and seems that the bottleneck is the access to the SATA HD.
    Doing some test with gnome-disks the performance of the HD is significantly different when I use my HD attached to the UDO board (SATA to SATA) despite when I use the HD as an external disk (E-SATA to E-SATA with a box).
    The two strange thing is that the E-SATA box doesn't work with the UDOO using a SATA to E-SATA cable and that, sometimes, with the SATA-SATA configuration the disk is recognized at U-BOOT level (sata init works well) but the OS doesn't boot because remain in waiting the /dev/sda device.

    Probably I was unlucky with the sata cable/connectors that i use but is quite strange because i make the test it with several cable solution.

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    I use a 2.5 inch laptop drive connected by a sata to sata lead, and it`s working quite well, faster and more stable than a sd card , but if you want to push your udoo to the maximum throughput I would use a stolid state drive.
    You don`t get the performance of a standard P.C using a SSD , but it does improve the throughput a little if you are going to use your udoo for a nas etc.

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