SDCard Boot Issue (Bios 1.02)

Discussion in 'UDOO X86' started by d34db33f, Apr 26, 2017.

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    I think there may be boot issues with the latest BIOS.
    I've installed a Ubuntu 17.04 on my SDCard from a USB Key (after installing the 1.02 Bios as it was seen read-only). On a cold boot, It seems to be booting on the emmc only.

    Fun fact is, when I'm booting on the Live-USB, and then rebooting (and removing the USB media) it manages to boot onto the SDCard.
    When I do a cold boot with no Live-USB, I choose the SDCard on the boot manager, and it says "No boot media available". Same if I choose the eMMC to boot on.
    When I put my SDCard on an USB adapter, it boots just fine.

    I've then installed another Linux (Manjaro) on the eMMC, and it's booting only on it (ie : I can't boot on the SDCard, if I select it on the boot menu, it boots on the eMMC) on a cold boot. If i do a soft reboot, I can then boot on the SDCard.

    On a cold boot, I can't see the SDCard from GRUB (Device not available), but on a soft reboot, I can see it and boot on it.

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