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    Background – we are running an Application on the UDOO board that ‘takes over’ the display and presents a complete HMI (Human-Machine-Interface) to the User. So, we have no real need for access to the Android OS visually. Our Application is written in Delphi, tested on a Nexus 7 tablet, and is also now seen running on the UDOO board with 7” display. The Application communicates with other hardware using a serial connection to the UDOO “'/dev/ttymxc3'” port. WE DO NOT USE THE SLAVE PROCESSOR ON THE UDOO BOARD.

    1. We need the serial port “'/dev/ttymxc3'” to have read & write permission from our application. (By default, using this port for serial communication gives an access error unless it has its permission changed to read & write – we need some way of having this permission set before our application runs).

    2. Because of the display mounting, we need a custom orientation which turns out to be ‘inverted portrait’. We have succeeded in achieving this from our Application so that the correct display is shown when our Application runs. However, during boot up and before our Application starts, the screen orientation does not look good. Is it possible to have this inverted portrait take effect from boot up?

    3. Is there are way that we can get our Application to start automatically on boot-up?

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