(SOLVED) Why it so slooooooooooooooooooow?

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    Hi. All my questions is regarding android.
    First link is not relevant.
    I know about android build with sata and spdif. It was posted in your blog here: http://udoo.org/android-image-with-sata-and-spdif-support-just-the-chocolate-today/
    But why you don't include it in latest release.

    Android is tough task?
    Some guy with nikname Quarx without financing at all developed fully functional build for Motorola Defy less then two month and was fixing bugs less that in one week for around 3 years! And Defy's firmare is full of proprietary libraries and he must interract with that libraries and partialy reverse them.
    And you build and SALE open platform and can't fix some bugs for two years? Are you kidding?

    It is from your kikstarter campaign:
    "Running Android
    Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich runs smootly on UDOO giving you all the features of an Android device (further Android releases will be available at the time of distribution). Apps interface with Arduino-compatible embedded board through Accessory Development Kit (ADK) connection for building accessories and smart devices based on Android."

    And yes, I don't know about situation in other linux distribution on your platform because I bought platform espesially for android, discarding rasperry pi, odoo and plenty of simple hdmi sticks from China manufacturers.
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