Standalone no screen, no ethernet and don't boot

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting' started by acetayls, Jan 17, 2015.

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    Sep 29, 2014
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    I was able to setup my project with not to many difficulties.

    I run a pure data patch to catch sound and make some control to go thru the arduino and remote led, motor ....

    Now, I want to make something standalone, so i start to load the patch when I power on. For that I make a script and modify rc.local to open this script.
    And it's work !

    Ok, so i was thinking, everything it's ok ...

    But when i unplugged everything (screen and ethernet, because i use remote connection), wireless mouse&keyboard ..... The computer don't boot.

    I think it's stuck on the HDMI detection on the boot, but i'm not sure.

    I have access to the board tomorrow only for a few hour. I can make a serial connection to verify if it's the HDMI detection. But to be more efficient have you some advice ? play with setenv ?

    Thanks in advance !!
  2. fetcher

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    Mar 9, 2014
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    One possibility is that a network service is attempting to start before rc.local runs, and hanging due to the lack of Ethernet connectivity. This could be the DHCP client, an SMTP server (sendmail, postfix, exim), or anything else that tries to resolve a DNS name and stalls waiting on the nameserver response. If so, it should time out eventually, but may delay boot by several minutes or more, so it'd be best to identify the problem service from console output and remove it from your startup (update-rc.d servicename disable).

    I doubt the lack of HDMI is causing any issue, but it'd be best to avoid starting any X graphical environment on a headless machine anyway, just to avoid the wasted resources.
  3. Andrea Rovai

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    Oct 27, 2014
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    Hi there acetayls!
    Try with an SD with no process running on boot, then tell us if the problem persists.
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  4. Charlie

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    Dec 30, 2015
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    This is exactly what I'm trying to do, but I don't really know where to begin. What program are you writing the script in and how do I get my Udoo board to run it on startup? If you have a copy of the script that would be very helpful.

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