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    Being a Linux/Ubuntu NOOB I have little to no knowledge about available (un)useful software for our UDOO. To get aquainted with Ubuntu I installed a Ubuntu 13.10 Virtual Machine (with Oracle VirtualBox) on my Windows 7 PC a few weeks ago and learned about the Ubuntu Software Center. Essentially a Google Play/AppStore like easy package installer for Ubuntu.

    As Ubuntu Software Center is not installed in the UDOO Ubuntu 1.3 SD image, here a tiny tutorial on how to install this great package installer:

    - Go to your desktop and open and terminal window with [CTRL-ALT-T]
    - Enter: sudo aptitude (default text based package installer for apt). This tool will load all available package information, so patiently wait for it to finish 'loading cache'
    - Use [CTRL-T] to open the terminal menu and from the {Actions} menu select {Become root} (if selectable, if not then you are already root)
    - Hit the '/' key ( or select menu {Search | Find} ) and enter 'software center' to search for the available packages
    - From the presented list select 'software-center' and hit '+' ( or menu {Package | install} ) to mark it for installation
    - Hit 'g' twice(!!) and the Ubuntu Software Center will be installed, this will take quite a while, so be patient!
    - When Aptitude tells you it's finished, you can safely close the terminal window.

    If everything went well, you can find Ubuntu Software Center at the bottom of the Desktop Applications menu (top-left corner).

    Happy software installing!

    Finally, please comment on this tut, so I can make changes as needed, thanks...

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