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Discussion in 'Android' started by SvartaHajen, Mar 19, 2015.

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    I have recently bought a Bluetooth dongle with I am struggling to get working on the UDOO. As it has been previously reported on these forums, the dongle's led turns on as soon as it is plugged but turning Bluetooth on from the seetings menu only has it trying for like 2 seconds before going to "OFF" again.

    I am using UDOO's last Android version, KitKat. Regarding connectivity it is working flawlessly; WiFi is working correctly and also all of the USB ports (including the third one enabled with the adaptor that comes with the Starter Kit) which I have tested with both keyboard and mouse).

    I have tried each USB port, and inserting the dongle before booting and also with the UDOO already booted. The dongle itself works on my Windows 7 laptop with no problems.

    The dongle I am using is from Trust, and it works with all of Bluetooth's versions, including BLE. Can anyone confirm if this dongle works for the UDOO?

    Also, I have read that a bugfix release for Android is on its way. I would like to know if any bugfixes are beeing made in the Bluetooth department, and also if there is a ETA for this release.

    Last, if I could get a recommendation of a Bluetooth dongle that works on the UDOO running Android I would really appreciate it (I don't have the Kickstarter dongle).

    Thanks in advance,
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    Hi SvartaHajen,
    your problem may be that that BT dongle is not supported. You may have to write the driver and recompile the Kernel.

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