Udoo Bolt Firmware Modding, put Ryzen V1807B on it

Discussion in 'UDOO BOLT' started by M20002, Sep 23, 2020.

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    Can anyone tell me what company has made the Bios of the Udoo Bolt?
    I want to Mod the Bios, but for that I would need to know some data of the Bios.
    I want to try if it is possible to put a Ryzen V1807B on the Board of the Udoo Bolt, to
    make it faster, but for this it would be neccesary to mod the Bios or it will not work.

    My 2nd question ist: Is the Udoo Bolt board soldered in Italy? It would be great if it would be
    possible to get a Bolt board with all on it but without processor, so I can directly set the V1807B on it and dont have to desolder the original processor first, but I think it would be ways too much effort for Udoo to give me such a board?

    Sorry for the bad English, I come from Germany
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    V1605B is a 15W TDP APU while V1807B is a 45W TDP APU.
    I would say the former falls under the upper bound of a mobile CPU while latter fits the lower bound of a desktop CPU.
    I am afraid that it's just a direct APU/CPU SoC swap. To begin with, power subsystem, PCB, and thermal design will be quite different.
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