Udoo Bolt V8 not booting to OS/bluescreening.

Discussion in 'UDOO BOLT' started by Isaiah Hurt, Jun 20, 2020.

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    Jun 20, 2020
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    RAM: Crucial CT8G4SFS824A 1x8GB
    SSD: Crucial P1 1TB CT1000P1SSD8
    WiFi/BT: OKN AX200
    PSU: Gonine 19V 3.42A 65W

    OS: Windows 10 Home (I just clicked "I don't have a product key" in installation.)

    I pre-ordered a Udoo Bolt V8 from Mouser almost a year ago in June. It came late October intact as expected. I installed the modules and Windows 10. Then I could not load my OS. I went onto the documentation and it told me to flip a switch on the underside of the PCB opposite of the Arduino port to reset the BIOS. That usually works and I have to do it every single time I boot up the Bolt otherwise I just get stuck on the screen with the Udoo logo. I then logged into Windows and installed all of my software, like the Epic Launcher, Steam and the Minecraft Launcher. I was noticing a lot of performance issues. I then realized I hadn't installed any drivers. So I went and downloaded them. It was a lot better. Somewhere near expectations. I got like 40 FPS in Kerbal Space Program at high settings. Then I shut it down and when I booted it up a month later (I didn't have any antennas for my WiFi card. I was using Ethernet.) and it was performing in gaming just about how it was with no drivers. I have no idea why there was a huge performance drop. Now about a week ago I brought it over to my friends house for some gaming. It ran a super low requirements game called Stick Fight: The Game at about 9 FPS at 2k. Yes I know 2k is a lot but I lowered the resolution to 1080 and it ran at about 16 FPS. Luckily I had a laptop FROM 2013 that has so far outperformed the Bolt on every front except networking. A few days ago I turned it into a Minecraft server and had no trouble. But when I plugged it in and turned it on yesterday I did have to flick the switch and that to fix the boot issues and then when I logged in my mouse froze and I bluescreened. I reset the computer and it booted into the BIOS. I have tried unplugging it and flicking the BIOS switch and all of that but I only got it to the point of starting up my server. It shut down about five minutes later. Now when I boot it up I either get a black screen, I get stuck on the Udoo logo screen, get stuck in a BIOS loop or get into Windows for between 30 seconds to five minutes and bluescreen. I have never been able to boot in without using the switch to reset the BIOS and I have no idea what to do. I really just want the $800 I poured into it back but because I ordered it from Mouser I apparently can't get it back.

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