Udoo boots to black screen with blinking cursor after reboot

Discussion in 'UDOO X86' started by blast1987, Nov 4, 2019.

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    i've been using my UDOO X86 Ultra for over two years now, it has ubuntu 18.04 installed
    My linux mount setup is as follows:

    Internal emmc: mounted as /
    External SD card with 5 partitions, /var /opt /etc /usr and /home

    I also have attached a SATA 700 GB HDD mounted as /media/SATADisk/ and an USB 2 TB HDD mounted as /media/USBDisk/

    Yesterday i've tried to scheduled an fdisk at boot with every device, but found no errors

    I noticed in the last two weeks that when i do a "sudo reboot" at restart my udoo hangs with a black screen with a blinking cursor and doesn't even boots ubuntu

    I don't understand if It is a grub problem or an error on the udoo bootloader, it is very strange because if I physically remove the A/C adapter and put it back on , the udoo just boots with no errors.

    I've also posted this on ubuntu forums since I don't understand if it is a udoo problem or a ubuntu setup error

    Can anyone help me?

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    Possible causes...
    - stuck mechanical hard drive
    - corrupt Grub/boot loader
    - BIOS setting incorrect
    - power problem (this is fairly common, when extra juice is needed to supply to external peripherals)

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