UDOO x86 Wont Boot / Green To Orange No Display Out

Discussion in 'UDOO X86' started by Jake, Nov 25, 2019.

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    I use my Udoo X86 Daily behind my TV and have loved it so far. However recently my Udoo X86 appears to be in a boot loop and can't post.

    I plug in my Udoo X86, light goes green for 1-5 seconds then orange and repeats over and over.
    No display output is recognized by my monitor or tv.
    No post messages or logo or anything, neither device switch from No Signal.
    No beeps or sounds happen on the board.

    I tried holding the reset button for 10 seconds no change. I also tried pressing the reset button.

    I tried leaving it unplugged for 24 hours and replugged it in no change.

    Lately I noticed it was running really hot, I think maybe the heat sink wasn't enough over time but not sure.

    What if anything can I do to try and get it working again? A new mini pc costs a fortune id rather not spend if I don't have to!

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    It could be that the drive were your OS is installed is corrupt.
    If your Udoo X86 is on a bios release larger than 1.03 you can reset the bios to default by removing the backup battery. Then try to boot from a USB Live drive with for example Ubuntu Live.

    What also can be that you do something whit the Arduino pin 9 what triggers a power off.

    If this not helps you can contact customer care for support/repair.

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