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    Hello everybody,

    I'm new to the forum. How do you do. I'm an old timer been using Linux for the past 10 years or so on my desktop/laptop and an embedded designer. Using the UDOO as a central controller for a multiprocessor embedded system. So far things are going well. Using Codeblocks as compiler. Wish I had a QT5 IDE but... I'm now on the Lubuntu beta disk image that can be downloaded from UDOO. (By the way the only way I could successfully burn the image was by using Windows as the linux dd command on my laptop did not work per the UDOO tutorial - ack!)

    Has anybody had any luck with the displaylink USB driver for driving a USB2.0 DVI adapter to run an extra screen? We'd like to have a simple cable (not the HDMI) come through port and I thought this would be the way to do it.

    I've tried installing the libldo per the wiki on for displaylink. However xrandr does not list the USB display adapter, and the udl library I thought would be contained in the libdlo ( or the libusb-dev installed thru apt-get, but it apparently is not. Building libdlo results in a failure on test btw.

    I'm trying to get a Sabrent USB-DH88 to work on the USB 2.0 port.

    Any guidance would be welcomed!

    Thanks in advance


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