use udoo products as my own product base. advice neded

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by argmodule, Apr 21, 2014.

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    Okay So After Tinkering With A Udoo Quad and also playing around with some of the camera and screen accesories i am very happy with what i can do with udoo hardware.

    Now i have designed a Development Product wich uses the udoo Quad to compute and a nice tuchsreen for visual.
    i then have a wirles keyboard designed for my kit with a nice pad for mouse i have also design many cases for udoo products ( for the screen camera modules ect)

    Now i want to get my product idea out there get some funding a sell my development kits.

    but i have a few qeustions.

    1. am i allowed to use udoo products and resell them with my cases ect
    2. can i specify that/when i am using udoo products it my product sales. to my customers
    3.what rights do i have when it comes to using your products to resell them with my customized kits

    my kits will basically include A UDOO QUAD Full Kit, A Udoo 15.6" screen (and or touch), camera module, any other product i may end up using from udoo. My customized cases for the udoo itself for the screens for the cameras ect ect. a handy get started book from my company wirlesskeyboard with touchpad mouse made by my company . and some software to get started in devolping and automation also mad by my comapny

    my goal is to use udoo products to create my own micro development kit
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    to answer your questions directly, yes you are allowed to resell the UDOO in or as part of your own product as long as proper attribs are noted.
    Its pretty much the same as with the RaspPi. If you want to make a development or educational kit base don the UDOO then you are allowed to.

    I would however highly suggest reaching out to UDOO directly on the business side for bulk pricing and and to ensure production demands can be met. They will have to source all of the 'kits' you sell. Additionally, since they make the the screen and camera modules that are designed for the UDOO already it may make sense to have them source all 3 of those main parts then your company can do the customer cases, keyboard/mouse and provide the educational materials and other value add items.

    Personally i think it would be great to help get UDOO out there more.
    sign me up for a case and keyboard!! (i already have the UDOO, camera and screen)

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