usecases and efficiency of the bolt v8

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    what would i recommend the bolt v8 for:
    low power storage server.
    thin client host (for 4 clients or so)
    storage server (nas/cloud)
    small workstation pc
    DIY synthesizer with the arduino as MIDI control module (should work pretty good with the newly integrated amplifier!)
    media streaming pc
    small gaming pc (with a possible pcie low profile gpu)
    hospital computers
    ai learning
    cluster computing
    basic/medium content creation workloads

    what i don't recommend it for:
    medium/complex vr gaming (you'd need 45fps min average fps to prevent motion sickness)
    best perofrmance/power balance possible nowadays

    just a efficiency brainstorm:
    the gpu performance would be comparing the bolt V8 gpu to the geforce 940MX in terms of performance.
    the big difference being that the V8 uses 12w at the same performance including cpu cores (boost aside).

    this basically means a efficiency of around 2-3x compared to the 940MX for the graphic part.
    to put it in the competition terms: it uses a i5 8250u and 940mx gpu in just 12-25w max tdp.

    that alone is impressive.

    then to compare the cpu power: it's basically a ryzen 1200 in cinebench, but with 12-25w power and a gpu.

    it even is impressive compared to a ryzen 2200ge, a 35w tdp part, just with lower stock cpu clocks.

    the vega gpu is efficient after all, it has lots of negative feedback because it is pushed way too high with the vega 56 and vega 64, aka: power skyrocketed.

    this means the bolt is capable of doing some very impressive things for the power figure it has.
    ok... end of my power efficiency rant.

    overall thought: i'm thankfull of the UDOO team and AMD that they're willing to help the consumer with smart choices and future-ready computing! :)

    what are YOU going to use the udoo bolt for? (for me: 1x v3: storage server, 1x v3: game streaming, 1x v8: content creation)
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    I am going to try and stuff this inside a gamecube or an N64 shell.

    Going to be a great retro gaming console that plays all the modern games. Maybe this is what the Atari Box is going to be like?
    If I do stuff it in a gamecube shell, im going to maintain the controller ports for dolphin. its going to be great.

    Also, im pretty much just gong to make this my main machine for Windows/Linux - etc, outside of Mac.

    I just, have to wait until they are on sale because I have missed the pre orders !
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    would love to use this as a proper NAS-killer and the obvious choice for a Plex server, but unless they plan on making any cases with 3.5" drive compatibility its not looking like a great option. Would love to see something to compete with the Odroid H2 & Type 1 Case.
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    It is a makers board. You are free to design a 3D printed or lasercutted case :)
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    Well, my X86 Ultra is going to be a mobile Software Defined ham Radio:
    X86 Ultra
    BPFs/LPFs/PA/TX-RX board from a Yaseu FT-857D (All switched from shift registers, which will be controlled by Ultra's Arduino
    Several SMA relays & attenuators

    1-54 Mhz 5W/100W
    144-148 Mhz 5/50W
    420-450 Mhz 5/20W
    Full receive from 100 Khz to 500 Mhz (Through bandpass filtering) up to 3.8 Ghz with outboard filtering.
    All housed in an old Honeywell VX-9 mobile computer.
    Should be finished a few weeks after TX bugs are worked out of the software.

    For the Bolt, I envision:
    LimeSDR-USB (Second one)
    Probably another 857D chassis
    Signal generator
    Spectrum analyzer
    1-54 Mhz 5W/100W/1.5KW
    144-148 Mhz 5W/50W/1.5KW
    420-450 Mhz 5W/20W/1.5KW
    902-928 Mhz 1W/5W/50W
    2300-2450 Mhz 1W/5W/25W
    Full receive filtering for all bands
    3-1.5KW amps water cooled on "Soda fountain cold plate[found in ice bin]"
    Housed in old MAC G5 enclosure

    Will get Bolt & start this after Ultra powered SDR. Probably a Spring project.

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