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Discussion in 'UDOO NEO' started by Isaac, Jan 27, 2017.

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    I recently purchased an Udoo Neo Extended hoping to get away from Raspberry Pi. I have an SPI screen from Adafruit ( that I was using on my Raspberry Pi as the primary screen, and would like to do the same for the Udoo Neo. I was looking on your website on how to connect to SPI, but I was running to problems with pin outs. I assume I have to use ECSPI 3 because I need 2 slave selects, however I dont know what pins to use for SCK, MOSI or MISO. Then after I am able to connect it , I dont really know where to go from there. Do you guys have any ideas to make this work? Thank you.
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    To make your screen work is going to take a far bit of development effort. For ECSPI3 pins will you need to follow the schematics to determine which pins can be iomux'd. Regardless of finding the pins, as a starting point you will need to create a driver that fbtft can use so that it knows about the NEO's spi interface and integrate into the NEO's kernel. Similar to how the rpi interface was developed.
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