Using Udoo Neo with 3 Serial/UART devices

Discussion in 'UDOO NEO' started by AlphaBeta, Feb 6, 2016.

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    Feb 6, 2016
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    Hi all,

    I'd like to use Udoo Neo with 3 serial devices (managed by python scripts running on UDOObuntu). Is this possible?

    For one device, I need TX+RX port (preferebly on UART6), for the remaining two devices I just need the TX port (with UART1 and maybe UART2?). I successfully tested UART1 and UART6, but when I try to activate UART2 via device tree editor, UDOO doesn't boot anymore (green lamp is on, remote connections not possible, HDMI Out is showing a black screen and a picture of Flux in the top left corner. It's reproducable with UDOObuntu 2 RC1, I didn't do any updates via apt.).

    Thank you, guys.

  2. Danilo Micu

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    Mar 14, 2016
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    I got the same problem. I need UART2 to monitor M4 (a little messy approach you need a serial cable and a RS232 converter) since I also have a problem with serial monitor using USB OTG (less messy way) which is a windows CDC Serial driver. I did all procedure as the tutorial says. Looks like I will use the A9 to monitor M4 (a more messier approach). Looks like I am losing options here.

    My computer is windows 8 64-bit if someone can solve the CDC Serial driver then at least I can have a way to monitor M4.

    I am open to any suggestions.

    Thanks to all report problems and problem solvers.

    Happy Udoomaking
  3. Andrea Rovai

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    Oct 27, 2014
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