What kind of throughput has been achieved over the ethernet

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    Jan 15, 2014
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    Hi guys, I am soon to buy a UDOO to replace my Pi as NAS/dlna, in search of greater speeds.

    I am interested in hearing what the best speeds people have gotten transferring from a harddrive attached to the UDOO via SATA ( usb welcome too) , to another machine on the same network.

    I am interested in speeds recorded on gigabit capable networks, but I am happy to hear how well you have done over 10/100 too. I have not yet purchased my UDOO because I am tossing up between an mITX build ( low end specs ) or the UDOO to use as my NAS; the key element I am searching for is greater speeds, greater than what I am achieving currently with my raspberry pi ( 6 - 9 MB/s). So you lovely people could give me a rough idea of what I can expect performance wise, I would be extremely grateful!

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