Which board should I get if any?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ekg, Jan 27, 2019.

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    I'm looking for a relatively cheap but capable computer to replace my raspberry pi for the function of a desktop computer / media center that is used with a 4k TV. The raspberry pi performs rather poorly for web browsing and the UI for the application used to watch video isn't satisfactory. I tried to replace it with a rock64 and it performed worse than my PI. Hardware acceleration support on linux hasn't reached the desired level on and likely wont for a while.

    My plan for a board that would replace my pi:

    - Flash an image of a debian installation on to a usb
    - Boot into said image and install the OS onto a SD card (128G or more), including gnome and other utils (will use gnome classic)
    - Install VLC / Firefox (iceweasel) / configure wifi etc.

    Once set up I'll be free to watch local and streamed HD / 4k video as well as do other general purpose tasks on my 4K TV.

    Can any of the udoo boards perform this function? Is the setup any more complicated than what I've described?


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    The Udoo X86 is capable of doing this. The new to come Udoo Bolt also. The others not, as they are not able to manage 4K video.
    No need to have a SD card as both boards have onboard eMMC (max 32GB).
    You have to buy the extra M2 wifi connector.

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