wifi stops working (ieee80211 phy0: wlan6: No probe response

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting' started by jensbjorgensen, Nov 11, 2013.

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    Wireless networking is not working consistently on my dual or quad udoo boards. I'm running the ubuntu image (1.2). The behavior I see is that when the board boots it will associate and acquire an IP address but after some time (several hundred seconds) it stops working. In the kernel log I see:

    ieee80211 phy0: wlan6: No probe response from AP [...] after 500ms, disconnecting.

    I have noticed that this problem does not manifest on /all/ wireless networks, but does so consistently on at least one. (No other regular computer has a problem on this wireless network however). The APs in question are Cisco.

    I'm able to work around the problem by turning off power management this way:

    iwconfig wlan6 power off

    but unfortunately I've yet to find a means of turning it off automatically (NetworkManager dispatcher.d / udev rule). Seems like both of those should work however I still find that after the network comes up power management is turned on.
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    Re: wifi stops working (ieee80211 phy0: wlan6: No probe resp

    Yes, heard of this problem before and the only known workaround for those suffering this is to turn the power management of the WiFi off using iwconfig.

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