Will M.2 M+B fit?

Discussion in 'UDOO X86' started by Yeenzoo, Aug 5, 2017.

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    After some forums digging, I found out that M.2 drives come in:

    1. Different lengths - 2242, 2260 and (currently most popular) 2280.
    While 2242 and 2260 are supported, the 2280 should work, but might be a bit tricky to mount without dedicated expander for screw. Am I right here?

    2. Different keys - the B key is supported, but currently market is dominated by M key (which also works in NVMe?), which is unfortunately not.
    I've come to conclusion that M.2 2280 key M+B would be way more versatile (I could put it into my PC for example).
    Will this M+B drives work with UDOO x86? Example - Intel 535 (SSDSCKJW180H601)

    3. A bit out of topic, but I need to verify it - the microSD slot is for x86, not Quark microcontroller, yes?
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    RE: #2

    Intel 535 is really a B-key SATA SSD in the M.2 (a.k.a. NGFF) form factor, thus it will work will UDOO x86, so long as you use a method to fasten that SSD drive <-- length issue/2260 mounting hole

    BTW, NVMe is not supported due to its need of 4-lane PCIe. Search earlier threads in this forum.

    RE: #3

    microSD slot is connected to Intel x86 (ATOM Braswell processor)


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