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- mkopack

Yeah, the benefits of the hard float vs. soft float really depend a lot upon the sort of workload yo [...]

- mkopack

I ask about running top so we can see if it's banging on all 4 cores at 100% non-stop or not... [...]

- delba

Hi, i confirm we're aware of the heating as well as the dead zone on the top left issue. We [...]

- Nat

Hi Tannyveer,To have the permission to access the input devices under /dev/input/ you have to login [...]

- romain.bornet

Hi Hill,Sad that you experience the same issues but in a sense it's good to see that other user [...]

- delba

I love it!!! I want one!!!! Statistics: Posted by delba — Thu Apr 17, 2014 12:49 pm [...]

- hillcz

Any update ??Statistics: Posted by hillcz — Thu Apr 17, 2014 12:43 pm [...]

- hillcz

Hi RomainI have the same problems.Heating issue and deat zone on the top of the touch screen. HillSt [...]

- gekkekoe

delba wrote:gekkekoe, to confirm that the issue is hardware related you should send us a video (usin [...]

- ivan.stojanovic

jas-mx wrote:ivan.stojanovic wrote:Hi Jas-mx,I managed to compile and deploy kernel, update u-boot a [...]



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