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Getting Started

Just Got a UDOO? Your next move is to follow our Getting Started guide to set the board in a few easy steps.Start Here


All the tutorials you need, from the easy to the more advanced ones, to start learning how to use UDOO.Learn More


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- vpeter

bigchrizzieboy wrote:Where can we download a flashable IMG from gifthub?First post in this thread.Ma [...]

- bigchrizzieboy

Thanks vpeter!Where can we download a flashable IMG from gifthub?Or any other way to install availab [...]

- quindo

We bought a Udoo quad and when we install the default OS images(4.4.2 or 2.2) and load up a basic mp [...]

- Andrea Rovai

Hi starsword,Tom Freudenberg is an active member of the forum and a moderator. It has also a blog (h [...]

- Andrea Rovai

Hi ivan,let's try to solve your problems:1- Audio works on Lubuntu, you just need to manage aud [...]

- Andrea Rovai

Hi Abhishek,what is the value you read when you plug nothing in the pin?Statistics: Posted by Andrea [...]

- Loki

Hello,I'm using the adafruit motor shield with Udoo. I'm controlling three motors which in [...]

- ctassell

Hello, I've been playing around with trying to get the CAN bus working on a Udoo Dual and in th [...]

- iNura

Hello I am trying to build an android app, which will work as remote control for playing audio on UD [...]

- Simsy

I'm hoping this information is available somewhere I've just fail to find it.I'm look [...]



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