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Getting Started

Just Got a UDOO? Your next move is to follow our Getting Started guide to set the board in a few easy steps.Start Here


All the tutorials you need, from the easy to the more advanced ones, to start learning how to use UDOO.Learn More


Latest from our Forum

- unidude

Hi all, would you kindly tell me how to set a custom screen resolution size for the Udoo? I am runni [...]


Hello,I have udoo.dual with only power and ethernet connected. I dont need hdmi monitors and so on. [...]

- ontoni

Уважаемые абоненты форума www.udoo.org! Советуем Вам инет каталог стоящих инет магазинов, где можно [...]

- borism

I've just figured out why . Default resolution for UDOObuntu is 1920x1080M@60. if monitor is no [...]

- LDighera

The camera documentation here: http://udoo.org/download/files/datasheets/datasheet_camera5mp.pdf doe [...]

- ontoni

Многоуважаемые пользователи форума www.udoo.org! Представляем Вам инет проспект лучших интернет мага [...]

- gfrigon1

Hi All,I am looking at the Android source code ( Android 4.3 Sources v2.0) but I can't seem to [...]

- hillcz

Is possible turn off the backlight with 15inch display??If I set GPIO 4 to 0 backlight is still ligh [...]

- lukas

Hey,I was just wondering if it's just me or on all udoos.Apparently I am missing some standard [...]

- ekirei

If you want to mount it and use it there isn't a guide, all the SATA drives we used are always [...]



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