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Getting Started

Just Got a UDOO? Your next move is to follow our Getting Started guide to set the board in a few easy steps.Start Here


All the tutorials you need, from the easy to the more advanced ones, to start learning how to use UDOO.Learn More


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- tcmichals

- Is it possible to use arm-elf-none-edbi-gdb on the ARM9 to debug code running on the ARM M4? So, n [...]

- circuitbob

hello, tried to print this with a replicator 2x. did not go well. I think the platform is not being [...]

- modjo

Hi Andrea, for the moment i didn't have any success, unfortunately ... I'm trying for the [...]

- fetcher

Setting single-user mode (runlevel 1) kills all virtual consoles, both graphical and text-based, lea [...]

- FabLabPisa

in english here https://www.geeky-gadgets.com/viper-pyt ... 4-02-2015/the preliminary test on UDOO h [...]

- Andrea Rovai

Hi there heitongomes,we are currently in touch with UPS to solve your problem. Please be patient, an [...]

- delba

That is something really remarkable. Can't wait to see your drone flying!!!!Ps we just released [...]

- delba

AWESOME!!! http://www.wired.it/attualita/2015/02/2 ... elle-cose/Statistics: Posted by delba — Wed F [...]

- dtran11

I found that I had to enable the clock settings for pwm4 in CCM_CCGR4 for the hi-res clock to work.S [...]

- dtran11

Hi fetcher,Have you ever tried the high freq clock input for the pwm? Do you know what the frequency [...]



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