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Getting Started

Just Got a UDOO? Your next move is to follow our Getting Started guide to set the board in a few easy steps.Start Here


All the tutorials you need, from the easy to the more advanced ones, to start learning how to use UDOO.Learn More


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- delba

Here: post9630.html#p9630Statistics: Posted by delba — Tue Jul 22, 2014 10:45 am [...]

- delba

Take a look at the Datasheet (just updated): http://udoo.org/download/files/datashee ... era5mp.pdf [...]

- delba

Not at the moment, as i previously said only with Android you can use both 7" & HDMI.Statis [...]

- freedomotic

Hi,what java VM are you using? With openjdk it's very slow, better with oracle jdk.But we are w [...]

- jedik

Can i get some tutorial how to install freedomotic on udoo board ?when i use standard sd image with [...]

- extream96

Didn`t know about the google nameserver server , so I guess that`s something new for me , I [...]

- jedik

Hello,Any updates of Android Sources ?Statistics: Posted by jedik — Tue Jul 22, 2014 7:10 am [...]

- peter247

can try to change it with a google dns`t know about the google nameserver serve [...]


We have problem about "android listener".We want to get single from android button on UDOO [...]

- extream96

ok, sorry I'm tired and I'm confused .... I do not need to read it again, i know that for [...]



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