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- Andrea Rovai

[UPDATE: we have added a link at the end of the article to the project on GitHub. Many thanks to Lor [...]

- Andrea Rovai

Hi UDOOers, we are here to present you the first case of an “array” of good news regarding UDOO-enta [...]

- Andrea Rovai

Hi maker bros! Today for lunch there are not one, but two projects! Guess your house is crammed of o [...]

- Andrea Rovai

Hi guys, you remember the Face Tracking – Face Recognition Tutorial via OpenCV and UDOO, do you? A c [...]

- Andrea Rovai

Hi Maker Bros, we’re here to tell u about a new contest running NOW on Hackster.io rewarding imagina [...]

- udoo_admin

Hi guys! On Tuesday we had a fantastic night involving UDOO and Jazz Music. No, don’t u worry, this [...]

- Andrea Rovai

In case u missed it, here are the Photobooth photos of MakerFaireRome 2014. We made some spam about [...]

- Andrea Rovai

Hi guuuuuuys! How do #udoo? WE are very excited because now, as we told u some days ago, your projec [...]

- Michelangelo Guarise

Dear UDOOers, we’re really happy to share with you, our fellow users, our latest adventure. Yes, we’ [...]

- Michelangelo Guarise

Dear Folks, while in Rome for Maker Faire, we met the creators of the awesome RAPIRO Robot, quoting [...]



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