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Just Got a UDOO? Your next move is to follow our Getting Started guide to set the board in a few easy steps.Start Here


All the tutorials you need, from the easy to the more advanced ones, to start learning how to use UDOO.Learn More


Latest from our Forum

- GVHecke

I am using Delphi (any version from XE5 to XE7) and need to be able to communicate with the ARDUINO [...]

- mushketer888

Hi all!I really need to use just Arduino DueBut without SD card it is flashing one pins and it sets [...]

- Yury

Hello!I am trying to get CSI video from ADV7280 on UDOO Quad board (iMX6Q). I found "adv7280_mi [...]

- ciro66

hallo, i have a last problem with this device TUN, when i try Code: dd if=u-boot-q.imx of=/dev/mmcbl [...]

- maros

But when I looked at the picture of UDOO Dual I saw that holes for SATA connectors are ready. So wha [...]

- patrykk

I dont know where is the problem but you could try compile my kernel or compile vanilla kernel witho [...]

- jrullan

Hello to all Udooers using Node.js,The only version I have successfully installed is 0.10.22. I want [...]

- kenrobinsonster

Thank you. I will give another power supply a try.Statistics: Posted by kenrobinsonster — Tue Jan 27 [...]

- delba

Hi, could you please tell me the OS you're using?Statistics: Posted by delba — Tue Jan 27, 2015 [...]

- delba

Ok, let us know Statistics: Posted by delba — Tue Jan 27, 2015 10:27 am [...]



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