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Discussion in 'Linux Ubuntu' started by Blort, Nov 25, 2014.

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    I looked at some past posts in which someone requested a "Headless" version of UDOO linux:

    1) how-avoid-start-system-t1946.html

    2) getting-rid-desktop-enviroinment-t501.html

    I tried the suggestion to disable VNC in post #1 but I could not get it to work. Other posts suggest that disabling all of the X programs is actually rather difficult with the UDOO Ubuntu Linux Distribution.

    Post #2 suggests that the requester build their own Linux. I think that isn't an option for most users. The entire reason for using open-source software is so that a large number of people use the same software and therefore have an interest in improving it. Making my own Linux O/S would not do that.

    There is a Debian Linux version of Wheezy that is available in the download section, but it is not clear if it has VNC, X-windows and a host of other GUI software enabled at startup.

    If the Debian UDOO Linux distribution is NOT a "headless" version of Linux then I would like to request that the UDOO organization provide a Server version of Linux and make it part of the official UDOO Linux release. Several other ARM Linux Computer manufacturers, such as Hardkernel / ODROID offer both types of of Ubuntu: Head (VNC & X-Windows) and Headless (CLI only).

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