Arduino IDE for UDOO

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Hello everybody,

this is a big, big announcement: the Arduino IDE is now working on UDOO!

You will now be able to write code and upload it to the Arduino DUE embedded on UDOO, from UDOO itself!

From a software point of view, the Arduino IDE for UDOO comes already configured to see the Arduino DUE embedded on the internal serial (/dev/ttymxc3). From an hardware point of view, this means that the iMX6 CPU is connected to the SAM3X programming port.

The Arduino IDE for UDOO comes already installed with the latest image files available on UDOO’s website, or, as an alternative, you can download the IDE alone and install it.
Latest UDOO’s image files
Arduino IDE for UDOO package

Learn more about how to program the embedded Arduino microcontroller on our wiki.
UDOO wiki

The Arduino IDE for UDOO is a custom version of the official Arduino IDE 1.5.4 and is shared alike. The UDOO team work has been focused mainly on the compiler.


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