A first condition to establish a SSH connection with your UDOO QUAD/DUAL is to have your host computer and the board connected to the same network. A second condition is to know the UDOO's IP Address. Finally you need to download and install an SSH Client for your system, like Putty

Connection via SSH

Once you have completed these steps, open your SSH client. For the sake of this example, we consider you're using PuTTY on Windows. Opening PuTTY a window will ask you to specify the destination you want to connect to. In the first blank space, named Host Name or IP address, type the IP Address of UDOO QUAD/DUAL.

Eventually, a Windows Firewall popup could appear the first time you do this. If this happens, allow PuTTY to bypass the firewall.

When the connection succeeds, a black window will appear. That is the terminal. It will ask you to enter your login credential. Type udooer, then press "Enter". A new line will appear:

udooer@<ip_address>'s password:

Type udooer (if you did not change your default password using the Web Control Panel yet, then press "Enter". Do not worry if you don't see what you type in the terminal: it's an expedient to hide your password to eventual onlookers.

At this point you can use your terminal:

login as: udooer
udooer@ip_address>'s password:
Welcome to Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS (GNU/Linux 3.14.56-udooqdl-xxxxxxxxxx armv7l)

 * Documentation:

Good job, mate: you are now connected to your UDOO QUAD/DUAL via SSH.

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