What is a single board computer?

A single-board computer (SBC) like UDOO DUAL/QUAD or Raspberry Pi is a complete computer built on a single circuit board, with microprocessor(s), memory, input/output (I/O) and other features of a functional computer.

Which people use single board computers like UDOO QUAD/DUAL?

Students and teachers, designers, startups, industries, research groups: all of them are average users of single board computers like UDOO DUAL/QUAD.

They are called Makers.

You can be a Maker too. Everybody can be a Maker.

Why people use single board computers like UDOO QUAD/DUAL?

People use UDOO QUAD/DUAL for three purposes: a) like a pocket low-cost low-power consumption computer; b) like an Arduino; c) like a computer designed to be embedded on things, ideal for creative projects.

Why should I use a single board computer instead of a laptop computer?

They are two different things. Single board computers are perfect to be embedded on things and devices, like a piece of puzzle. If you want to build a rover, a Photobooth or you just want to hack your car, you can't do it with your computer: it's too big, too heavy, too high power-consumption, and lack GPIOs.

What is a microcontroller?

A microcontroller is a small computer, designed for specificied and/or light tasks, built on a single integrated circuit containing a processor core, memory, and programmable input/output peripherals.

The most famous microcontroller is Arduino, the pioneer of the Maker movement.

What is Arduino?

Arduino is an open-source microcontroller.

Arduino is so great because with Arduino you can tinker and realize cool stuff without being an engineers. Arduino is a powerful tool, and that's why we designed UDOO QUAD/DUAL to be Arduino-compatible.

What is a jumper?

A jumper is a short length of conductor used to close a break in or open, or bypass part of, an electrical circuit. On UDOO QUAD/DUAL jumpers are signed.

Which are the jumpers of UDOO QUAD/DUAL and what should I use them for?

Jumpers of UDOO QUAD/DUAL are: J2, J16, J18, J22. Every jumper has a different purpose. If you keep J18 plugged, you are talking with the i.MX 6 processor and, for example, you can see the console during the boot and talk with the u-boot, stopping it, for example. If you unplug J18, you instead talk with SAM3X8E. By plugging and unplugging J22 you can erase the Arduino sketch you have written: it means you have to reflash your MicroSD. By plugging and unplugging J16, you reset the Arduino: it means your sketch will restart from setup J2 enables OTG power supply. Keep it plugged to enable the power supply on the OTG port.

What is a serial?

You will read many times about "serials" in the Forum. "Serial" stands for "serial cable": a cable used to transform the information between two devices using a serial communication protocol.

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