If you prefer, you can choose to program UDOO DUAL/QUAD’s Arduino from your PC, these are the required steps.

Please note that a working SD Card should be present on UDOO DUAL/QUAD

Unplug J18 jumper

This will allow the communication between your computer and the programming port of the SAM3X

alt text

Connect a Micro USB cable to CN6 serial/programming port.

alt text

Install the serial drivers

Install the driver for the cn6 MicroUSB port that allows the correct communication between your external computer and UDOO DUAL/QUAD (choose the correct Operating System of your Computer).

Patch the Arduino IDE

Now, let’s configure the standard Arduino-IDE in order to make it communicate to the Sam3x of UDOO DUAL/QUAD. To do it we need to patch the official Arduino IDE:

Download and install the Arduino IDE version 1.5 for your specific operating system from Arduino Website (other versions will not work, since UDOO DUAL/QUAD needs Arduino 2 compabile programming software)

Download the patch for your Operating system:

Extract the files in the archive and place them in the following paths, overwriting the previous existing files:

Windows 32 bit:
C:\Program Files\Arduino\hardware\tools

Win 64 bit:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\hardware\tools


Mac OS X:

With this patch you are now able to upload your sketch selecting the Arduino Due(Programming Port) from:

Tools -> Board and the right port from Tools -> Port in the Arduino IDE

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