The UDOO's Web Control Panel is a utility designed to:

  • Easily configure your UDOO QUAD/DUAL, from the Wireless Connection to the UDOO QUAD/DUAL's hostname;
  • Check its connection status;
  • Learn how to develop basic projects;
  • Test simple Arduino sketches on the fly;
  • Expose the Documentation;

How to connect to the UDOO Web Control Panel

Make sure UDOO QUAD/DUAL and your host computer are connected to the same network, so open a browser in your host computer and type the IP address of UDOO QUAD/DUAL.

You can use the UDOO Web Control Panel directly from the UDOO running UDOObuntu finding the link in the application panel in the section "Preferences" -> "UDOO Web Configuration"


The Dashboard gives you a quick insight on the status of your UDOO QUAD/DUAL:

  • At the top, you'll find an overview of board's connectivity, indicating whether Ethernet, USB, Wlan and Bluetooth are connected, and their IP address;
  • In the center, you can find board model and unique ID. On the right, there are axis and modulus values for the Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Magnetometer;
  • The other tiles are the starting point on discovering UDOO QUAD/DUAL's capabilities.


This section helps you to configure your board and connect it to a wireless network:

  • On "Password and hostname", you can change your passwords and set a name for your board;
  • On "Network settings", you can connect to Wi-Fi networks;
  • On "Regional settings" you can set the locale, timezone and regional settings;
  • On "Advanced settings" you can change the main video output device (e.g. HDMI or LVDS), enable/disable the Arduino core and change the TCP port where the Web Control Panel operates (so you can, for example, install a webserver on your board, like Apache or nginx),

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