UDOO vs. Beaglebone Black vs. Wandboard vs. Odroid-X2 vs. Raspberry Pi

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Here we are with a features comparison table between UDOO and other boards available on the market. Finally!

Full res version: PNG or PDF

As you can see from the comparison table above, UDOO has 76 fully available GPIO: 62 are only digital while 14 can be configured to work as digital or analog. Let’s have a closer look.


Full res version: PNG and PDF

Want to compare other features not listed here? We are open to suggestions!

  • Chris Jones

    Your green markets to indicate that they are the best seem a little misleading, your board has a 1ghz chip the ordroid x2 has a 1.7ghz chip

  • Please add prices to the table.

  • tuva

    So the Wandboard dual (and in near future the quad) is very similar to UDOO, but has this very flexible EDM connector. So why not design just a new interface board for the wandboard base board (which includes the cpu) with the things the current wandboard is missing and UDOO is better (the GPIOs etc)!? I’d think this is much easier, faster and cheaper or which part I don’t get? Anyway, I hope all the different projects will finally improve the software stack for the imx6 cpu and especially the vivante GPU/VPU

  • Bubu


    I was very excited about the raspberry pi which is “openhardware”. But when I realized the documentation of the SoC was missing (must remain secret), I got *very* disapointed: dsp, csi (both in -camera- and out -screen-), gpu are out of reach! What a blow!

    What about Udoo, it is openhardware too, but will the documentation of evry parts be available to evryone?



    • UDOO is open hardware and all the documentation about it will be available, but not the documentation about the other companies’ components (gpu vivante etc) that may not be open.

  • Electronic Eel

    How is Ethernet and SATA connected to the imx6? Natively or through a USB-interface like on the raspi?

    What about the video codecs? Can it encode and decode H.264 and mpeg2?

    Is there an open source Linux driver for the graphics interface or is it just a closed binary blob? Remember the problems the raspi had and still has with this.

    • Ethernet and SATA are connected natively to the i.MX6. The video codecs can encode and decode H.264. The Vivante gpu is not open.

  • Alejandro

    Hi, I would like to know what about the sensors? For example, I want to develope an android project same like a smartphone, that is, I want to use inercial, gps, gyroscope sensors, etc? Does exist these kind of sensors to add on?

  • Yuriy Istochnikov

    Yup. All these sensors are available at sites like Sparkfun, Adafruit, Cooking-Hacks, Deal Extreme and even Amazon and Ebay ­čśŤ

  • S├ębastien Cabot

    The BeagleBone Black have 2GB of internal Flash memory (eMMC). So, it is possible to boot the OS without a micro SD card.

    So, to be fair to the BBB offer, I think you should add a row: OnBoard Flash Memory: and write the 2Gig (eMMC) in the BBB column.

  • the udoo is best in features
    it is from 100$ to 130$

  • This should be updated to reflect the Wandboard QUAD, which more closely matches UDOO.

  • Would like to know how many serial ports each device has, also weight is important as looking to use a board to control a UAV

  • Brandon

    I’ve been searching for a board of this nature to run Mythtv on. Has the quad core ever been tested on its ability to natively playback encoded video without the use of the hardware accelerator. I’d be especially interested to know if it can playback 576i/720p/1080i mpeg2 encoded video.

  • Henri Parmentier

    why compare the Udoo quad with the wandboard dual ?????><… this isn't a comparison at all ! Sucky work I have to say

  • How does udoo compare to cubox-i I just need it to run a webserver that plays localhost (plugged into tv via hdmi) and runs some streaming html5 video. Raspberry pi was too slow to handle local rendering so looking for another solution

  • Sirius Fuenmayor

    What program or html code did you use to make the table? I mean the formatting

  • Yogev Boaron

    You need to compare it to Wanderboard QUAD, not DUAL.

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