Update your UDOO asap!

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This update applies to all the backers who pledged for the kits with the pre-loaded micro SD cards and for those who have already created and or updated their bootable micro SD cards.

We have patched some bugs and we suggest you to update your UDOO to the latest release available.

Bugfix log:

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  • u-boot SATA recognition (more SATA hard drive models are now supported)
  • RAM memory layout (875MB will be available now)
  • 32bpp support (OpenGL shaders are now working)
  • GLMark2 (now fixed and working)


We strongly recommend to you to update your UDOO using the procedure documented on UDOO’s website: update procedure. This update will upgrade the uBoot (release 1.2 version v.89) and Kernel (release 1.2 version v.87) to the latest available release. None of your data will be deleted, nor your installed applications but, if you made changes to the uBoot’s environment variables, those will be lost after the update.

Please give feedback: report any issue you are encountering after the update, especially if related to SATA support.

The HDMI patch is not included in this update, we are working on it.


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