A complete & pocket-sized UDOO Media System – #tutorial inside!

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Maybe you have already built a NAS, but not this one.
This NAS is really far more than a simple NAS and has been designed for lay usage: you can organize a party and let all your hosts play with it, it’s user-friendly, complete, small and efficient – ok, maybe it may result not so supersmooth to some pre-computer guys, but it’s well-done, trust me.

UDOO has been a natural choice for the developer of the project because of SATA, which misses in other boards, and due to the high power of UDOO Quad Core.

First of all, what do we expect from this Media System to do?
We are very demanding users, so, it should has got:

  • A movie downloading front-end to search and manage downloads
  • A TV series downloading front-end – we all love tv serial afterall – to search and manage downloads
  • Netflix for non-USA users – we said we are demanding, aren’t we?
  • something that shows any issues or temperature problem, like an output panel
  • and more, and more, and more…

Ok, after we set up our objectives, let’s check the list of ingredient for this cake!

The List

Here is the list of required items for start tinkering right now:

  • LCD screen
  • 5V Relay for 12V fan
  • Pushbutton
  • Thermistor/temperature sensor
  • 12V DC fan (an old CPU fan will do or this one from Little Bird)
  • 16×2 LCD screen (available at Little Bird Electronics)
  • Pushbutton
  • 10K Ohm thermistor
  • 56 Ohm resistor
  • 4.7K Ohm resistor
  • 1 Ohm resistor
  • 10K Ohm resistor
  • 2n2222 (or similar) NPN transistor
  • 1N4001 (or similar) diode
  • 5v relay switch (available at Little Bird Electronics)
  • Wire

Have you got all of this?

In this case, what you have to do is just grab your tools, arm yourself with a bit of patience and all the enthusiasm you can find and dive into this project.

P.S. we want to thank you Eddy Jay, the author of this project. Take a look at his site and leave a message, it surely deserves.

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